Behind The New Single “What A Savior”

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The song “What A Savior” probably is one my favorite songs on this new CD. Part of it is just my growing understanding of knowing what it means to need a savior. I became a Christian when I was about 10 years old, so that was quite a while back. And I remember hearing about needing Jesus to be my Lord and savior. But it was harder as an adult to understand “What does that mean on a daily basis?”

I think the more I’ve grown in my faith, the more I’ve understood the depths of my sin and realized that my need for a savior really is a daily thing. Every morning I wake up having to come to terms with the fact that I can’t please God on my own, and I need Jesus every day. In this song there is a line that says, “He stood in my place, taking my shame upon his shoulders.” And I love when I get to sing that because it’s a line that I get to glory in. Jesus is that perfect savior that I could never be, and it’s something that I never get tired of singing about.

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  • Teri Futo

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much your music has ment to me as a sister in Christ. Two years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her name is Ashley. She had underwent two sugeries, one to biopsy the tumor and then to remove it. They determined it was a Grade 2 gemistoytic astrocytoma. She then underwent 7 weeks of cyberknife radiation at University Hospitals/ Case Medical Center, Siedman Cancer Center in Cleveland Ohio. Just an amazing group of people were caring for her!!! I remember sitting in the waiting room for her appointments and having a sense of peace as all the prayers from our church family, and friends just poured in!! Her treatments were five days a week at 7am. After I would drop her off at home and head to work. My best friend and I own a dog grooming shop. EVERY MORNING I would come in and turn on 95.5 The Fish and within a couple of minutes your song Blessings would come on and it was just so encouraging to me!!!! I was there living the song!! God was there with us through everything!! Through our prayers and God’s Grace he changed us forever!!! There is hope in all of our circumstances if we believe in him!! Amen!!

    There is so much God has done in the past 2 years that it would be enough for a book!!

    One of my best friends and I will be at your concert tomorrow night at Grace Church. We are both looking forward to it!! This friend of mine I was able to help through my experiences with my daughter. Her son and my son play football together. They thought he had cancer and the origional diagnosis was not good, then they found out it was a histoplazmosis infection. He is still being treated for it but is doing amazingly well!! Amen!!

    Thank You for sharing your God given talents with all of us!!

    Teri Futo

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