I have a confession to make: Our whole family has succumbed to the “Frozen” craze.  This hit Disney movie’s theme song has taken the world by storm, and can be heard most nights sung in our home by my four year old daughter Josie, while wearing her Elsa night gown and trying desperately to get her thin little hair to stay into her “Elsa braid”.  As inspirational of a song as it is, the one problem I have with it is this: Let it go… to whom?  There are days I would love to just “let go” of my problems, my responsibilities, my electric bill, and a thousand other things, but is that really the answer to my stress and anxiety?

In 1 Peter 5, we find this apostle writing a letter to a very scared little church, shaken yet impassioned to bear witness to what they had seen and heard.  These were his words of affirmation: “Humble yourself, therefore, under the mighty hand of God”, Peter writes, “…casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you” (1 Pet 5:6, 7).  What Peter is urging his readers and ourselves toward is not simply the letting go of our worries and troubles into thin air, but releasing them, even throwing them, into the very capable hands of our loving Father.  If we believe him to be Creator of the Universe, how much more should be trust him to hold together every aspect of my life and yours?  May this be the greater anthem of my life: the letting go of anxiety, that I may gain the peace that only comes from Jesus.

Are you bearing burdens and anxieties that God will take from you, if you will take them to Him?  Make a list of the burdens and anxieties you are being overwhelmed with and then take each one of them to the Father and as you do say, “because you care for me, I am bringing this burden to you and I am leaving it with you.”

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