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These days, whenever anyone asks how I am doing, my usual answer is “growing”. The word seems to sum up most everything about my life. First of all, I’m in my third trimester and as big as a blimp! I’m starting to outgrow even my maternity clothes and strongly considering purchasing some extra large rain ponchos, though I’m not sure how my head pastor would feel about my wardrobe choice for leading worship. Josie is growing like a weed, bouncing off the walls with energy! She keeps Martin and me on our toes, but so much fun at this age. And our family is about to grow, from one child to three kids two and under. It’s an exciting time and an exhausting time. Growth is a great blessing… and it’s tiring. And when I’m really honest, growing is exhausting. Growing makes me anxious as I step into uncharted territory. Will I really be able to handle all this? Am I even able to handle the life I’m living right now? Truthfully, the answer is probably no. And that’s why I am so thankful that the promises of God are not silent on this subject of growth.

As I was reading 2 Peter 3:18 this morning, I was reminded that God doesn’t call us to grow in perfection or to grow in stamina or independence or all those things that the world prizes. God’s word calls us to “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To HIM be glory, both now and forever!” What a relief to hear that in the midst of our growing pains (both spiritually and literally in my case), God simply calls me to draw closer to Him, to get to know him better. It’s as if He’s saying, “Remember that grace that initially saved you when you were a hopeless mess? It is still readily available to you, every moment of every day!” Could it be that my current stretching and growing is just one more opportunity for a fresh encounter with the grace of Jesus?

My prayer for myself, and for anyone who was kind enough to read this, is that God would meet us in our growth, whether it’s a relational strain, a new responsibility at work, a challenging family life, or a devastating diagnosis. I pray that God would give us courage for each moment, that He would calm our anxious hearts, breathe new life into each soul and show us that our weariness is just an opportunity for deeper reliance on the One true sustainer. And to Him be the glory in all of our growing!

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  • Tracy Hazel Cooper

    Wow!! Great insight!! Thank you for sharing your heart!! I needed the challenge as well, to remember, that all things, good, bad, scary, etc., are happening for a reason, and that God is faithful throughout all of them, drawing us into closer fellowship with Himself. What a wonderful and loving God we serve!! May our eyes be fixed to HIS perspective of our life circumstances today!!

  • Gretchen Magruder

    My pastor-husband had a brain tumor removed when I was pregnant with our 2nd child, and 14 years later, we still live an “exciting” life with memory loss and some cognitive issues. Life is never boring….and we get to see God show up every single day. Life could’ve been much easier, but I’m certain it wouldn’t have been as fruitful!! Praying for your sweet family and empathizing with you!

  • mommalana

    A friend who had twins many years ago ended up with one dress that fit. It went into the washer every night and into the dryer first thing every morning. This went on for 6 weeks. She was SO glad to see the end of that dress! Blessings to you all!

  • Jennifer Lee

    Thank you for your insights…Great reminders!

  • Becky Linn

    When we had our twins, our boys were 3 & 4. It seemed so overwhelming with my husband in full time ministry with a crazy schedule, but somehow it all worked out. God has a way of showing up in a huge way when we feel like we are in over our heads. You guys will do just fine! There will be moments of craziness, but you will make it through!! Praying for strength for you as you get to the end of your pregnancy!

  • kim1t2

    God is preparing you for the next phase of growth in your life. Bless you and your family as you spread the word of God!

  • Kristel Early

    Praying for your wonderful growing family! I’ve been praying since it was announced on the radio that you were expecting! God will bless you so that you can handle it! I have faith! I have 2 boys ages 3 & 6 not twins but, I was also like ok what will 2 be like before we had a our 2nd son. It’s a little scary but great at the same time! I’m sure with three it will be a great & at times maybe a little scary but ask Jesus for guidance & he’ll bless you!

  • Laura Hawthorne

    Beautifully written. I am really looking forward to meeting you at Changepoint church! 🙂 Laura Hawthorne

  • McKenzie

    Love the pic of her family. God Bless and I will be praying for them.

  • AJ Fisher

    People around me ask me WHY I’d want to bring a child into this world. One look at your precious daughter, Josie, is MORE than enough reason for me, Laura! I pray I might meet a godly woman yet and be able to have a girl of my own, a little Lily! I would LOVE that, AND yes, I would raise her (OR him!) to know the Lord! Whether they accept Jesus as Lord and Savior is up to them, I realize, but I WOULD do my best to raise a child in the admonition of the Lord! Great post here, Laura; keep up the FINE work! 🙂

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