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As I was making oatmeal for Josie and Martin this Monday morning, getting ready to head to the church, baby in tow, I realized that my new CD “God of Every Story” releases in just a matter of weeks! I laughed a bit, amazed at what God has done in our lives since the release of my last CD “Blessings”. The biggest change has been the birth of our sweet Josie Grace. She has turned our world upside down and keeps me both on my toes and on my knees! Martin has also started working part time coaching baseball. This is the first time he has worked in 7 years, other than odd jobs here and there so has been much to celebrate. And in the midst of all the goodness we’ve experienced, life is still hard. Disability is still a reality that affects us everyday. So we limp along, yet God is there, even in the midst of our heartache.

I think that’s why “God of every story” is so close to my heart. It’s unlike any collection of songs I’ve ever put together. And the writing comes from a deeper more vulnerable place than I’m used to writing from. The truths I’m writing about are fresh lessons from God that I am only in the midst of learning, so I don’t sing about them as someone who has them mastered; I sing them as someone who needs these truths to seep deep within my heart. Because its these truths that keep me going. Its believing that God is in the center of each of our stories, in both the good chapters and the hard ones. Its believing that no page in our story is wasted. God not only redeems all people; He redeems all things! We have seen him do it in our story and continue to trust Him for it all the more.

So I invite you to pray with our family, with our ministry team, as we ask God to bless the release of this new album, “God of every story”. And we pray because we know that albums and songs don’t bring hope to the hopeless. These songs can’t bring about any sort of lasting change in anyone’s life; but God can. So we pray that He will!

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  • Nancy Wilson

    It was a total blessing to hear you, Steven Curtis, & Jason Saturday night. Your songs touch my heart. I am looking forward to listening to your whole CD, I purchased it that night. I left a card with a note, that may or may not have made sense, with the man in charge of concessions. It is strange how we can now have connections in this technological world. I am a teacher and have followed many teaching blogs. One of my favorites has be ‘Technology Rocks Seriously’ I realized Shannon, the author of this blog had another blog ‘Sweet Blessings’ that is a personal/spiritual blog. She does the most amazing printables and she even designed one for me. It is of a Rick Warren quote. Here is the link to that post. Anyway I have communicated with Shannon several times and in July she began sharing her journey of learning she had a brain tumor. I have prayed for her frequently. She had her surgery September 17, the journey to that date was marked by God’s grace and miracles. I am sure she would be AMAZINGLY encouraged by you and your story with your husband if you were to contact her. I will continue to pray for you and your family’s journey. Thank you for sharing with us and God is using your story to encourage us.



  • Chikki Lou

    I thank God for your songs (i collect them)..You are a blessing indeed! 🙂 I remember singing ‘Blessings’ five months ago after typhoon Yolanda struck our place in Tacloban City Philippines, relating to your experience with your husband Martin who was sick.

    God is faithful, He blesses us with pain to draw near to Him and to acknowledge His sovereignty over any odd.

    Continue praising Him with your voice and messages. I will be part in praying for you and your family… 🙂

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