Why I wrote “When God Doesn’t Fix It”

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If you had told me ten years ago that my husband’s illness would end up being our greatest platform for ministry I would have run screaming in the other direction. Let’s be honest. No one asks for a platform of pain or a stage of suffering. Martin’s brain tumor and resulting disabilities have been a challenge for us, both physically and spiritually. They have stretched us beyond what we thought possible and even caused us to question the very faith we had held tightly for many years.

I have often wondered why God chose me to walk through this trial so publicly, and many days literally on a stage. My faith is small. Most days I wake up feeling too weak for the task laid before me. But it is in those moments that my heart is reminded of the truth God whispered to Paul in the jail cell—a setting he hadn’t asked for either. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, He says to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Is it possible that God would allow situations into the lives of those who are most weak in order to showcase His perfect redemptive power?

This is why I wrote When God Doesn’t Fix It.

It’s for anyone whose prayer was not answered in the way they expected, or maybe not in the time frame they might have preferred. It is for anyone who has walked a hard road that’s caused them to question their beliefs. For those who have found themselves at the holy crossroads of trying to decide whether to turn from God or trust Him with greater abandon. In many ways it’s a story of faithlessness (pun intended) that God has redeemed by His faithfulness. But most of all, it’s another way of surrendering my life and story to God, to see His power displayed in ways that I could only dream might be possible. To Him be the glory in all things.

If you’d like to read a free chapter from the book, go here  www.laurastorymusic.com. Or if you’d like to hear me read an excerpt, go to Spotify

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    i was diagnosed and labeled with a mental illness called Bi polar disorder and SchitzoAffective disorder when i was 23 years of age. i am now 47. i fight every day and keep going hard with God to heal me and use me to be a living testimony what is possible when you don’t give up on the good Lord our god. Because God never gives up on us.
    God brought me my doctor who is in the process with me to take me slowly and safely off of my psychiatric medications. i am on 3 psychiatric medications and am coming off of one drug at a time.
    99.9% of doctors out there would never agree to take me off of my psychiatric medications. i take a lot of natural supplements and am working with a Tony Robbins peake performance life coach to help me work thorough my child hood traumas.
    And so my life and journey are just beginning at age 47, almost 48 years of age.

  • Rhythm 5

    Dear Ms Laura, I would like to thank you for writing this book “When God Doesn’t Fix It”.

    By God’s coincidence, I picked up your book at a library yesterday but I didn’t get to read and left it on the shelf. When I went back to the library today, your book was still at the same spot, so I took it to read. Jesus really wanted me to read it, His Grace is amazing! 😀

    When I read to page 3, I realized you are the original composer for the song ‘Indescribable’. Before this day, I did a music game video with this song in July and credited it to you. No wonder your name looked familiar when I saw your book.

    Thank you for sharing so openly about the challenges in your life and how you allowed God to make all things work for good for you and your family. Your list of Truths helped to set me free from bondage and wrong thoughts as a Christian.

    Your explanation of how Jesus changed the “why” blame seeking question into a God seeking “how” question broke that downward spiral questioning in me.

    In days to come, I also hope to share testimony of how Jesus fix my relationship with Him and to live truly with joy.

    Meanwhile, I like to dedicate this video to you and your family. Merry Christmas and God bless always! 🙂


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