“Open Hands is more than just a lesson God is teaching me right now. It’s the lifestyle God calls every Christian to live. It’s about surrender, and trusting God with the smallest details and our greatest struggles. We release control of our lives, believing He is, has always been and will forever be faithful.”



Laura Story penned and recorded “Blessings“, her popular Grammy Award-winning song, to encourage all of us trust God and worship Him through the good times and the bad.

Story’s new album, Open Hands, continues that conversation, encouraging listeners to worship God with surrendering hearts.


Don't Let This Be Just Another Christmas
“Coffee, Books and Bikes with Lisa Harper & Laura Story
Till I Met You (Behind The Song)
Open Hands (Heart Behind The Song)
Laura Story - Just Another Christmas (Official Lyric Video)
Laura Story - Till I Met You (Official Lyric Video)




Throughout the Bible, there are countless stories of ordinary people whole-heartedly attempting to live a life fully surrendered to God’s unique calling on their lives. More than once, God asks people of faith to relinquish control and simply trust Him. These days, singer/songwriter Laura Story is discovering the beauty found in letting go. It’s this posture of surrender that she’s striving for on her fifth studio album, Open Hands (Fair Trade Services).


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