Accidents (Featuring Ed Cash)20200214021629

Accidents (Featuring Ed Cash)

Nicole OwensFebruary 14, 2020Laura's Stories Podcast
Life is full of refining seasons for us all.? Laura reveals how some of the what seemed to be?accidents were actually part of God’s story for he...
I Can Just Be Me20200123190310

I Can Just Be Me

Nicole OwensJanuary 23, 2020Laura's Stories Podcast
In this podcast, you’ll hear more foundational stories from Laura including a disastrous childhood family camping trip and a story about a teach...
Let Christmas Linger (with Mac Powell)20200106165124

Let Christmas Linger (with Mac Powell)

Nicole OwensJanuary 6, 2020Laura's Stories Podcast
Let the hope of Christmas flow into your New Year, as Laura reminisces on some Christmas stories and her time making ?Glory Revealed,? a compilation a...
A Laura’s Stories Christmas20191218182220

A Laura’s Stories Christmas

Nicole OwensDecember 18, 2019Laura's Stories Podcast
Laura shares a few fun traditions and tales of how she celebrates Christmas with her family. As almost anyone knows, suffering doesn’t take a br...
Blessings Part 220191218182049

Blessings Part 2

Nicole OwensDecember 18, 2019Laura's Stories Podcast
We hope you enjoyed our first episode based on Laura’s incredible song Blessings.? The episode was so intense we had to cut a few stories and so...


Nicole OwensDecember 18, 2019Laura's Stories Podcast
In our debut episode we jump right into Laura 101. You?ll get a glimpse at Laura Story?s upbringing, her faith journey and how her husband Martin?s br...
Blessings – (Short Version)20191218181221

Blessings – (Short Version)

Nicole OwensDecember 18, 2019Laura's Stories Podcast
An excerpt from Season 1, Episode 1 of Laura’s Stories. ?The powerful story behind the Grammy-award winning song Blessings. If you know someone ...